Daylight Donuts Poster Design

For this project, the owner of a local Daylight Donut location asked me to help them create a new brand for their shop. 

The catch? We had to do it without a logo. 

A logo is not the end-all of branding as most people assume. A logo is actually only one small part of the overall brand. Color, typography, copy and so much more go into creating a brand. (Read all my thoughts on that here.)

The style: mid-century modern. 

Why I loved this project: the owners wanted to create an experience for their customers unlike any other donut shop. 

Together, we concepted out posters that would hang in the shop as promotional materials, but also communicated the new brand. 

Inspired by the simplistic style of this era, I created three posters in a 5-color scheme format. 

Skills I exercised: 

• Illustration 

• Branding

• Typography